About Poultry Web

Poultry Web is a website created to foster and encourage correct management practices in the poultry industry due to the current increase in the demand for poultry products and the great profitability of the industry, this is done by creating a meeting point between established and potential poultry farmers, professionals and stakeholders in the field including the veterinarians, animal scientists and technologists, financial institutions, input suppliers, and the Academia.

It was created as a corresponding answer to the recent technological dearth of indigenous information about current trends and advances in the poultry industry especially in the areas of risks, diseases and prevention, emerging strains and epidemiology peculiar to Nigeria, growth and performance enhancers, Biosecurity measures and issues of Antibiotic resistance.

Our Core Philosophy


To create a virtual Mall where sustainable and profitable poultry farming can be greatly enhanced with the overall aim of boosting the economy and promoting One Health.


To empower individuals who are already in the field or aspiring to join with every tool needed to succeed in the poultry industry thereby encouraging correct management practices, producing viable products fit for consumption and maximising profit in the process.


Poultry + Right Information = PROFIT

Poultry + Wrong /no Information = LOSSES

Poultry Web